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After these isolated exercises, when the shoulders are already warmed up well, I turn to the dumbbell bench press or the army bar press - this is a difficult option of the bar press above the head. As an advanced martial arts master, McKay knows that emphasizing training Thrustuline Boost for weaknesses is the key to progress. However, the program should be structured so as not to allow injury. To fatigue the muscles with isolated exercises, he uses light weights to put the main load on the bench press. This allows him to concentrate on the relief and consolidate the neuromuscular connection, which reduces the risk of injury. Mackey's selection of equipment for training his shoulders - dumbbells . Undoubtedly, the person who presses the barbell above his head is impressive, but when we need a controlled, focal pumping of the shoulder muscles, dumbbells have a distinct advantage. They will help you to work out the front, middle and back parts of deltas in an isolated and efficient way. 


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