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The quantity of fats on the frame. We need to be no longer simplest muscular, but also dry, so that we recognise the muscle tissues now not handiest we, but others. Strictly talking, the department into somatotypes of ectomorph-mesomorphic-endomorphs  Ultra Boost Supercharge implies a solution as to which way of solution, relying on the sort of shape, one need to go to the aim. And now let's attempt to take a look at those tasks from a one of a kind perspective. To assign the main variables on which they rely. And then we are able to try to placed them consistent with the device of somatotypes of D. Wyder. And begin with the second point - the force. Further at the textual content will remember that it is less difficult to construct common sense. I will now not open America, if I say that we've two types of muscle fibers. Some of them are rapid (glycolytic, white), even as the latter are sluggish (oxidizing, red). Continuing now not to open America, I word that for electricity we've speedy fibers. It follows that our power depends on how many rapid fibers we have. If you are ruled by using slow fibers, then I'm sorry, you do not become a monster! This is genetics. You may be a marathon runner, you could be a boxer, however now not a weightlifter and a powerlifter! And, alas, you do not emerge as a monster of mass both. 


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