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The mice who exercised found the steps faster than the non-exercising ones. In addition , Gurela uses electrodes to measure the long-term potentiation Neuro Defend of brain neurons in mice ( LTP, LONG TERM POTENTIATI ON ). LTP is a necessary mechanism for learning and memory. It is a pre-synaptic cell (responsible for signal transmission) The key to working with postsynaptic cells (responsible for signal acceptance). Rapier found that those with exercise-induced mice had higher LTP than those who did not exercise. From an anatomical analysis of the brain, Furaku found that those mice that circulated in many circles had much more brain cells in the hippocampal brain than those who did not exercise. We know that the hippocampus is an important part of learning and memory. Many dementia hippocampal brain cells less than normal. As a result, Fulakrud further explored whether other campaigns could achieve the same result. He let the mice do water swimming. 


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